“I was very concerned about my daughter as she was shy and reserved but our educators made it a very special and memorative experience.  I am very thankful for such a great place for our daughter to start her schooling”

“I couldn’t be happier with my child’s Kindy environment.  I am very impressed with how the Kindy is run and the attention to detail to things like policies, budget, training, insurance cover etc”

“We have had a very happy year.  Not one day has my child not wanted to attend and has always looked forward to going to Kindy”

“A fabulous year at Kindy”

“Tingalpa Kindy is truly exceptional.  The staff are very caring, highly experienced and outstanding in their field.  We have had both our children attend this kindy and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting a nurturing, inclusive, stimulating environment for their child.  A wonderful start to our children’s education”

“We have all had a great year at Kindy, thank you”

“Very happy with our kindy experience”

“My child and I are both very happy with the services of the staff and the involvement with children, families and community”